Programmatic Needs Assessments and Reports

Friedman PE provides Programmatic needs assessments and reports, master planning and architectural engineering services to schools, yeshivas, synagogues and non-profits. The Firm’s history in planning and design of Preschools, Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Yeshivas and Post- High School Talmudic Schools and Synagogues goes back to the early 1960’s.

School and non-profit programming, planning and design

We have been providing educational facility planning services for over 30 years. Our firm has planned and designed school buildings including new construction, remodels and complex renovation/expansions, varying widely in scope and size.


Our extensive knowledge of educational environments allows us to work with clients early in the project process, to identify and master plan resources while maximizing the value of every dollar spent. We work closely with attorneys, architects, and school officials to:

  • develop solutions that are functional, creative, and cost effective.
  • examine and understand the individual set of challenges, goals and needs of each school.
  • create quality learning environments that support each school’s educational mission
  • leverage our extensive experience in educational facility planning and design.


  • site selection
  • zoning analysis
  • conditions assessments
  • master planning

Additionally, our capabilities include planning, additions, renovations, programming, design, feasibility studies, facility assessments, and pre- and post-occupancy studies. Understanding both educators and architects allows for an accurate translation of educational goals and needs into clear and effective direction for the project.

Educational Facility Planning

  • Educational Specifications (Ed-Spec)
  • Master Planning
  • Space Programming
  • Identification of educational goals and curriculum needs
  • Research & Best-Practices
  • Enrollment Analysis and Projections
  • Capacity & Utilization Assessments
  • Existing Facilities Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Compliance with Zoning and Building Codes
  • School Planning Guidelines
  • Pre and Post-Occupancy Evaluations
  • NYC BSA Programmatic Analysis and Reports